Crew management


Crew management has always been one of the important operations of Eversafe with its partners, and to this day represents one of the important area of our shipping activities. 

All of the crew appointed by our crew management and partners are recruited through a network of fully controlled manning agencies in key locations in Bangladesh and other countries, including Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, India, Ukraine, Russia etc. with crew management office in Bangladesh.

Seafarers are carefully screened, making sure only those fully qualified and duly certified in line with STCW convention are employed. Meanwhile, modern IT systems and database ensure quality standards are constantly monitored and updated. 

Such fully transparent screening and employment process indeed ensures operators/owners of the vessels as well as crew applicants are able to evaluate the recruitment process.

Our comprehensive crew manning services start with initial planning, selection + recruitment, placement on board, total administration of crew, to continuous training. 

This is ensured by our network, establishing vital link between our customers, management, vessel, crew, and also families of respective crew members` families, in order to make sure all matters are duly addressed and dealt with promptly.

Continued change and transformation drives the activities of modern crew and ship management services, hence it`s important to ensure that the crew and management are kept abreast of positive changes and training requirement. 

We always ensure the right people for the right vessel through our stringent screening system.

We look after our clients by a single point of contact – a designated crew super, who`s responsible for selecting/appointing the right candidate to join the vessel, crew changes and most importantly keeping the base posted on key operational information, and this ensures our customers are kept up-to-date at all times about the crew operating their vessels.

At Eversafe, individual customer requirements are TOP PRIORITY. We are ready to provide every client with tailor-made solution and always willing to go the extra mile in order to distinguish us from our competitors.

The above includes supplying crew to clients on an ad hoc basis, even on short notice, and gradually building up a batch of crew for individual customer. 

We feel that this promotes consistency and reliability on board as crew gradually become better familiar with vessels and individual management systems. 

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