Eversafe Provides Independent surveys & reports of the present conditions& life history of a vessel.
pre purched vessel,

We can identify potential problems which can help you to reduce the business and technical risks when buying a second-hand vessel.

we cover the following:

  • Main propulsion and auxiliary machinery,
  • Documentation (classification records, PSC records, ISM records, Statutory records etc),
  • LFA/LSA equipment,
  • Main propulsion and auxiliary machinery,
  • Electronic equipment.

We include a visual inspection & usually we cover the following:

  1. Summary of survey and condition of vessel
  2. Publications and Statutory Certificates
  3. Management, Records and Manning
  4. Ship structure: External hull and superstructure, anchors, chains, windlass,
  5. Ballast tanks, Deck equipment.
  6. Derricks & Cranes and Holds, Cargo equipment, Hatch covers.
  7. Engine room, Bilges, Machinery and Bunkering.
  8. Bridge and Navigation

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