Protective Agency


Eversafe offers Vessel owners, operators & cargo owners exclusive protective service to complement our range of Port agency, Husbandry, Stores/Spares delivery & other support options. Our end goal is to ensure that your interests are kept protected at all times without fail.

Representation by a protecting agent could be most critical when a party is unsure/uncomfortable with the local agent nominated by others, the region is unknown and/or non-transparent costs.

If nominated, we consider your business as our own and help to improve the situation efficiently. During port calls, we liaise with your counterpart`s agents while ensuring that your interests are always taken care of. As protective agents we provide following services to protect your ship/interest:

Consult local port rules/regulations/restrictions and advise as necessary.
Check the PDA and revise for the better price.
Check & validate SOF.
Represent your vessel/company when an incident happens and in case of dispute.

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