Bunker Call


Shipping world is progressive, and the lack of fluid communication can cause lag or even increase those to a serious problem. 

Our devoted team of experienced agents can assure a balanced and proficient port call. 

bunker call,

Previous, present and after completion of bunker calls our clients remain fully and punctually informed on all developments. 

To save your time & to add value to your bunking operations, the Eversafe team works hard to provide you the most efficient assistance.

bunker call,

Eversafe offers the following other services to your disposal: 

  • Synthesis of bunker and lube-oil supplies 
  • 24/7 contact with local suppliers 
  • Fetterless quantity and quality bunker survey 
  • Customs clearance for sign in/up parcels 
  • Logistic services and technical supplies
  • All range of husbandry services 

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