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Eversafe Maritime Services have established very strong links with key players, including but not limited to, vendors and suppliers within the industry. 

This network including the Port Authorities and Cargo interests provides you with smooth and timely vessel dispatch. Our services include the following (but not limited to):

In-ward Out-ward clearance from the port authorities at the shortest possible time.

Custom clearance.

MMD & Shipping office clearance.

General management services.

Crew change, transfer, immigration etc.

Supply of stores and spares.

Disposal of waste.

Bunker supply.

Provision, Bond, Fresh water etc.

Cargo supervision/port captain.

Any other service as required by the principal.

Dedicated staff available 24/7 to monitor the activities.

Eversafe have experience in handling following ships:

Bulk carriers.
Container/feeder vessels.
Chemical Tankers.
LPG tankers.
Project cargo.
Demolition/Scrap vessels.
Bunker calls.
Naval ships.
Cruise ships.
Emergency/Dry docks.

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